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Expense Types

A complete guide on how to make edits to the ‘Expense Types’ section of the LAL platform.

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Firstly, to access the ‘Expense Types’, you will need to navigate to the ‘Cog’ icon located on the top right-hand side of the screenshot below:

Once you select the ‘Cog’ icon, the dropdown menu will appear.

Here, you will select the option for ‘Expense Types’.

When you access the ‘Expense Types’ page you will see the expense types previously configured for your company as displayed below:

Editing an Existing Expense Type:

In the ‘Actions’ column you can select the ‘Cog’ icon to edit an existing expense type. Once selected the below screen will display:

The fields available to edit at this stage will be dependent on the ‘Type’ of expense selected. In the above example of ‘Mileage’, you can free text to populate information around the ‘Name’ & ‘Code’. You can also free text in to edit the ‘Rate’ & ‘Lower Threshold’ or you can utilise the arrows provided to populate.

You can also enable or disable the ability for Locums to submit this expense type or for them to request full mileage by checking the checkboxes provided.

Once you are happy with the edits made click on the green ‘Save’ button.

Deleting an Existing Expense Type:

If an expense type is no longer required you can select the ‘Bin’ icon within the actions column to delete.

Once selected the below modal will appear:

At this stage, you will select the green ‘Yes’ button.

Adding an Expense Type:

To add a new expense type you must select the green ‘Add’ button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Once selected the below modal will appear:

At this stage, you will be required to select the ‘Type’ from the available drop-down menu. Depending on the ‘Type’ selected additional fields will then appear. In the below example I have selected ‘Accommodation’ as the ‘Type’.

Once selected you’ll be required to populate a ‘Name’, ‘Code’ & also the ‘Upper Limit’ that can be requested.

You’ll also notice the ‘Locum Can Submit’ check box, keep this checked if you wish for locums to be able to submit this type of expense.

Once you are happy with the information populated click on the green ‘Save’ button to create this ‘Expense Type’.

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