How to Edit Roles & Permissions

This guide will provide you with an overview of the autogenerated Roles & Permissions on the LAL system.

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This article will detail the steps on how you can edit auto-generated roles or create new roles & edit the associated permissions.




Base level user role, users with this functionality are limited to view/read-only Rota with access to Calendar & Staff views. Users can also submit leave requests.


Similar to employees but these users can send basic communications from the system and can edit Rota & Employee Shifts. Also granted access to People page to view locum profiles & to view/edit employee profiles.

Location Manager

Similar to supervisors but they have the additional functionality to view & edit timesheets & time and attendance payroll.


In addition to the functionality the other user roles have, the employer also can view/edit clock-in settings, company settings, company location & region settings and can view company roles settings.

Regarding payments, employers can view/edit payment settings, payment configurations and expense type settings. They also can view/edit payroll categories.

Employers also have advanced functionality within the people & shift pages such as assigning users to shifts and cancelling shifts etc.

Employers also have full access to view all reports.

Leave Approver

Grants user the ability to approve or reject leave requests but the user cannot edit/manage leave requests

Leave Editor

Grants user the ability to edit/manage leave requests however the user cannot approve or reject a leave request.

Company Admin

Similar starting functionality as Employer, new functionality released by LAL is granted to Company Admin first to decide which users within the organisation should then be granted access.

Role Editor

Users with this functionality can view/edit profile roles & company role settings.

Firstly, you will need to navigate to the ‘Cog’ icon located on the top right-hand side of the below screenshot:

Once you select the ‘Cog’ icon the following drop-down menu will appear:

At this stage you will select ‘Roles & Permissions’, and the following screen will then display:

If you wish to edit an existing Role/Permission, then you must select the green ‘Edit’ button next to the relevant permissions within the actions column.

Once selected the following screen will appear:

On this screen you’ll note the ability to ‘Search by Term’, to do this simply free text in before selecting the green search button to refine your search.

You’ll also note the ability to toggle ‘On’ or ‘Off’ ‘Show Permissions Only’. If you select ‘On’ then only the permissions currently granted to this user role will appear.

To edit permissions you must first select the downward arrow next to the heading of the section of the system you’d like to grant permissions for. In the below example, I’ve selected the downward arrow beside the heading ‘Leave’:

You’ll note on the right-hand side of each of these permissions the ability to toggle each ‘On’ or ‘Off’ to either enable or disable these permissions for this particular user role.

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