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How to Adjust Hours on an Employee's Timesheet to 'Overtime'
How to Adjust Hours on an Employee's Timesheet to 'Overtime'

A step-by-step guide on how to adjust hours on an employee's timesheet to overtime.

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Once you log into your profile, you will need to navigate to the ‘Time & Attendance’ tab located on the top right-hand side of the below screenshot.

Once you select the ‘Time and Attendance’ tab the following screen will appear:

At this stage, you can manipulate the timesheets that display by using filterable options such as ‘Dates’, ‘Only Show Relief Workers’ & ‘Location’.

Once you have applied the relevant filters you can utilise the ‘Search Term’ text box to search for the Employee by name.

Once located, click on their name to display their timesheet.

To adjust the hours on an Employee’s timesheet, you must click on the 3 dots displayed in the ‘Actions’ column to display the below dropdown menu:

Once selected you will see the option ‘Adjust Hours’, click here to display the following modal:

Here you will see two tabs ‘Clock-in’ & ‘Clock-Out’.

  • If the employee worked overtime before the start of their scheduled shift you can edit the ‘Clock-In’ ‘Status’ to ‘Overtime’.

  • If the employee worked overtime after their scheduled shift ended you can edit the ‘Clock-Out’ ‘Status’ to ‘Overtime’.

In the below example we will mark the clock-in as ‘On time’ & the clock-out as ‘Overtime’:

Once the status has been selected you can navigate to the ‘Clock-Out’ tab:

Here you will mark the ‘Status’ as ‘Overtime’. Once selected you’ll be required to populate the total number of minutes of overtime worked.

Once populated click on the green ‘Save’ button to save your adjustments. Once saved, the adjustments will be reflected in the employee timesheet with the creation of an overtime shift type entry:

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