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LAL Unlimited Subscription Plan FAQs -Lite, Growth & Advanced
LAL Unlimited Subscription Plan FAQs -Lite, Growth & Advanced
Written by Tom Evans
Updated over a week ago

What is LAL Unlimited?

LAL Unlimited is a locum staffing Software as a Service (SaaS), operating in the pharmacy and optometry sectors. It operates on a subscription model, where for one set fee based on user numbers, employers can book as many locums as they like.

Is the Platform changing?

No, the Locate a Locum platform will still have all the same features and functionality that you love.

What counts as a user?

A user is anyone who appears on the People page. Users are broken down into 3 categories:

  • Employees: These are any users that work for your organisation, e.g., System Administrators, Branch Managers, Regional Managers, Finance Managers, etc.

  • Locums: These are self-employed contractors that perform shifts within your organisation.

  • Agencies: These are 3rd party businesses that you work with, typically by sending them available shifts and them supplying locums.

The total of these 3 categories will be combined to calculate your Total User Count.

How does 'unlimited' locum bookings work?

Just as it says on the tin, you pay one set fee for the individual locum (user) and then can book them as many times as you like after that. For example, with a traditional agency you may pay £20/day for the same locum, meaning that a two-week booking (10 days) will cost £200 in fees. However, with LAL Unlimited, you would just pay the one fee for that same locum, making costs more affordable and predictable.

What payment plans are available?

There are 3 payment plans to choose from: Lite, Growth and Advanced.

  • Lite - Our Lite package can help you start finding locums today, but does not have such features as market rates and reporting.

  • Growth - With Growth, you can gain access to advanced locum management features and a full reporting suite.

  • Advanced - The ideal solution for full workforce management, Advanced includes such features as Rota, Leave Management, and Employee Payroll.

What happens if I go over my Total User Count?

If you go over the agreed Total User Count, you will be charged an additional fee for each user by which you are over. This will prove more costly than the discounted rate that can be offered by remaining within the agreed Total User Count.

Can I remain on the old 'Pay as you go' model?

From the 1st March 2024, Locate a Locum will begin moving existing clients onto the new subscription plan. This means that the existing 'Pay as you go' model will be subject to change, including a potential change in locum booking fees.

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