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Add Branches

How to add branches as a coordinator

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Hover over the cog icon in the nav bar to find manager and admin functions.

Click add branch.

There are 3 modal tabs to complete. Fill in the branch location/general details so the branch can be identified.

The opening times per day can be set in the second tab including selecting any days the store may be closed.

The final tab enables you to set the rate per day, per job type.

So you can set the rate for a locum pharmacist in that branch on a Saturday for example.

Setting the default opening times and rates here speeds up the posting gaps process, as the default times and rates are pre-filled automatically depending on the branch selected, the position chosen and the date selected for the gap.

These default settings can be changed at any point. 

Note: any edits to each modal tab section must be saved before changes will be applied.

You don’t have to use the default branch settings when posting a gap, you can edit these before posting the gap (see section 5).

For example, when posting an emergency gap you may wish to increase the rate from the default for that store on that day, to help increase the likelihood of applications.

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