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User Guide - View store schedule as a Coordinator

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View the rota schedules for all stores. Use the branch picker on the top left, to choose a store.

Click the tabs to choose your view, you have a weekly rota view and a gap management list view.

Weekly view will let you view the weekly rota for all staff in that store.

There is now an option for a Monthly view on the Rota to give managers full oversight.

The gaps list view is a full list of every gap you have at this moment in time in that store.

This section allows you to filter your staff by their job type (their position). 

By default all positions will be visible in the weekly rota.

To filter the rota view by job type, check the boxes for the positions you would like to remain visible. Leave any positions you don’t wish to see unchecked, so that are not visible in the rota view.

Having all positions checked or unchecked will mean all positions in that stores rota are visible.

This copy button lets you copy that store’s weekly rota from the week prior to the week you are viewing currently. 

It will autofill that rota into the current week you are on.

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