1. Navigate to the Cog icon & click on 'Leave Manager

2. Here you will land on 'General settings' - This is where you input leave allowances for all staff. Leave is recorded in hours.

  • It will automatically default to an overall entitlement of 200 hours and 8 hours per day.
  • You have the option to include 'Statutory Entitlement (hours)'

Bulk add absences

  1. Navigate to the next tab named 'Bulk Add Absences'.
  • This is where you would add absences for all employees in your organisation. These sorts of absences are usually fixed in nature (Christmas, Bank Holidays etc.)
  • Multiple days must be added individually - to do this simply click the 'Add Day' button and to save click 'Create X Entries Button' (below)

Add Leave Allowances for individual Employees

  1. Navigate to the 'Cog' Icon and select 'Users'

2. Select an employee and navigate to the 'Annual Leave tab on the pop-up

  • Here you can add leave allowances for multiple years (up to 2023)
  • Again, this defaults to 200 hours (as per the overall leave manager)
  • Here you can select specific leave days as well as adding notes - these changes will be reflected on your Rota if an employee is scheduled to work on a specific leave day
  • Here you can remove an entry - delete entry (X) to repopulate balance
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