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How to Book Locums
How to Book Locums

A step-by-step guide on how to book a locum using the platform.

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Once you log into your locum profile, you will need to navigate to the ‘Shifts’ tab located on the top left-hand side of the below screenshot.

You must utilise the filters available on the left hand side to select either ‘Shifts’ or ‘Applicants’ under the ‘Applications’ tab. As displayed below:

If you select on the filterable option ‘Shifts’ then the live shifts with applicants will display as below:

If you select on the filterable option ‘Applicants’ then the applicants that have applied for your live shifts will display as below:

On both of the above options you will note that the ‘Shift Dates’ are underlined, these are hyperlinks that will bring up the full shift details:

Once the date hyperlink has been clicked the below screen will appear:

On the bottom left of the screen you will see the ‘Applicants’ heading, here you will be able to view any applicants that have applied for this particular shift. As displayed below:

If you wish to view this applicant in more detail prior to booking then you must click on their name or the ‘View Profile’ option. These are hyperlinks that will take you to the following modal:

Here you will be able to view additional information by navigating the tabs on the left hand side of the screen. Once you have reviewed the information you can close the window by clicking on the ‘X’ located on the top right hand corner.

You will also note the number located above the locum's head. This is to indicate the total number of shifts this locum has applied for at this location. If you click on the number the following modal will appear:

At this stage you can either select the option to ‘Book All Shifts’ or manually select the shifts you’d like to book this locum in for.

You’ll also note the ability to ‘Book’ the individual shift or to ‘Book All’ the shifts applied for by this locum from the ‘Applicants’ view.

Once booked, the shift status will update as displayed below:

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